Vegan Makeup Brushes

Hi guys! Did you know that many makeup brushes are not vegan? Surprising, right? The standard way to make makeup brushes had previously been out of animal hairs and furs from animals like squirrels, minks and horses. So sad and so unnecessary! Luckily a shift has started where more and more high quality brushes are being made from synthetic animal friendly materials.

So I’m excited to share with you that my friends at Brandless have started making vegan friendly brushes that are not only better for animals and the planet, but affordable too! Their brush collection includes a vegan foundation brush, vegan powder brush, vegan blush brush and vegan eye & brow brush set, each at just $4 a pop!

And on top of being free of animal hairs and furs, the Brandless wooden brush handles are made of responsibly sourced FSC certified wood. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, which is an organization committed to promoting environmentally sound management of the world’s forests. So many good things packed into each individual little makeup brush. 🙂

I have the whole collection of brushes and I love how soft the bristles are. I rarely wear foundation, but I do like to highlight and contour and the the vegan foundation brush is my fave for blending contouring makeup.

They also have a cute little cosmetic bag to keep them in and other beauty and personal care products like nail files, nail clippers, a cuticle “nipper” and a dual sharpener.

If you want to make your life a little more animal friendly, buying vegan makeup brushes is a quick and easy way to start. 🙂

*Thank you Brandless for sponsoring this vegan friendly post!

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